Monday, November 16, 2009

Some ways to enhance positive marketing experiences.

Sponsored Conversation:
For brands to reach online influences they should engage in sponsored conversations, which is a marketing technique to provide financial or material compensation to bloggers in exchanging for their posting blog content about a brand. This gives the blogger a way to interact with others and help promote something that they really like or used and communicate their feelings and experience with the brands they are writing about. I feel this is a good way to engage people to help market something to their friends or followers. What other way can marketers expect to get this type of traffic and exposure by themselves.

The OpenID Foundation is focused on creating a single identity system that can be used across may Websites enabling users to register once across all Websites. The identity system allows consumers to benefit from contextual information from Websites that allow the identity to be shared.

Facebook Engagment ads: Read WSJ article online.
This feature in Facebook requires a social approach allowing social ads interaction with ads triggering actions on their activity that encourages other users to participate. The new ads appear on the main screen when someone logs on to their Facebook account. Then, they are prompted to do something within the ad, such as comment on a movie trailer. I wonder if this is going to be valuable to the companies who are trying to promote products or services.

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