Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Go Yankees!

Although this may not be related to what I have been posting recently, I had to comment on how sports fans may want to use social networks to keep in touch with all their friends and family who were watching the Yankees win the world series.Was that a great game or what?

As a native New Yorker, and a Yankee fan for many years, I could not wait to get home last night to see the game. I was on a bus to go home to NJ last night and everyone was listening to the game on the bus. The bus driver was listening to a Spanish station, but I still was able to understand what was going on. When the sports announcer said it was only 4 Yanks and 1 Phillies, I just knew the Yankees were going to pull it off. When I got home I could not go to sleep until I knew if they won, and I wanted to Tweet how excited I was when they did win!

Watching how the fans reacted on TV was so exciting, and if anyone is lucky enough to go to the parade, they may be Tweeting to everyone what is going on and what they are experiencing. Social networks are a great way to keep the exciting momentum going for such an exciting event like this. I cannot wait to see people downloading pictures and comments they will make if they were at any of the games or were able to take some photos that they want to share.

People who were not able to get a Yankee cap or shirt are Tweeting to friends who live in New York to purchase these types of items for them.

Congrats to the Yankees!!!!

To watch Alicia Keys and Jay Z perform their new hit "Empire State of Mind" at the new Yankee stadium go to:

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