Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can the use of social media reach young consumers?

It seems that an overwhelming majority of people consume social media content, and most young consumers are also becoming spectators who read forums, listen and watch videos on YouTube and create their own blogs and post comments. This increase in this type of activity proves that people are spending more time on social media areas to look for specific things they are interested in.

While many of the young generation demonstrate multiple forms of social participation in brands, marketers do not seem that interested in using social media to reach this generation to promote brands.

However, while many of these users may be attracting marketing prospects, interactive marketers still find it hard to create appealing messages because many of them don’t really know the people these people are connecting to because they are not really close friends. This makes it hard to find any value of these types of informal contacts for the word of mouth campaign that marketers rely on to spread their brands or services over the Web. Just think how much would person trust information sent to them from a friend of a friend that they do not know at all.
Another problem is that people are not truthful in their profile information, which makes it hard to use this for targeting users for a specific brand based on age, gender or location. So why do marketers think that just putting up a brand on Facebook or MySpace will attract younger fans. I do not really know, but for one thing, marketers need to look at how and why people interact and connect with others who are also on line. Marketers must be ready for more changes that are going to take place over the next few years. Traditional marketing is becoming less effective; therefore, marketers should do more listening to their consumers instead of just trying to talk to them.

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