Sunday, November 8, 2009

Buying Twitter Followers

Why buy Twitter followers?

Well, one reason people may want more Twitter followers would be for marketing purposes. Since marketing is growing at a massive pace people need to have the tools and knowledge to get the number of followers needed to make money on Twitter. There are a number of services that claim to be able to get a large followers based in a small amount of time for their clients, but you have to be careful to select a reputable one. One company I found is Usocial, can bring 1,000 brand new Twitter followers to an existing account, or set up a new account at no charge in order to deliver the followers for a minimum cost of $87.

Another company I found is called "Get More Twitter Followers." and it also has a blog that can be followed.

These services work by getting their clients real followers on Twitter, using proven and safe methods to legitimately add quality targeted followers over time by following people first, then waiting for a reciprocal follow back, then after a grace period, purging the non returning followers and repeating the process until they reach a purchased follower amount.

This type of service obtains followers based on certain keywords and defines a quality targeted follower as someone who has tweeted using selected keywords, and/or whose profile and interests match these keywords. In addition, it can Geo target users in certain cities, countries, zip codes, states. This is a great service for people who want to gain more exposure; therefore, check it out if you are trying to market yourself or a business on Twitter and don't know how to get the right kind of followers.

Business Week
commented on buying followers and included a link to another service called FastFollowers.

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